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Updated Guidance for the Design of New Pavement for Road Tunnels

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This webinar gives an overview of the key changes to the Guide to Road Tunnels Part 2: Planning, Design and Commissioning.

It covers

  • the design criteria for pavements in tunnels
  • how the pavement may form the tunnel floor structure
  • typical pavement profiles in tunnels
  • the common pavement wearing surfaces
  • allowances to consider for the construction and maintenance of the tunnel and pavement.

The webinar presented on 30 April 2019 by George Vorobieff.

Suggested Good Practice for Road Tunnel Emergency Egress Signage

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This webinar provides an overview of an Austroads study to develop suggested good practice for a consistent, efficient and safe approach to emergency egress signage within Australasian road tunnels.

It covers:

  • how signage supports the requirements of the relevant phases of the evacuation process
  • comparisons of signage within existing or under construction tunnels in Australasia and their alignment with local standards and international practice
  • the results and conclusions of the assessment, including the recommended emergency evacuation signage for use within Australasian road tunnels
  • other elements identified that are important in the context of supporting the evacuation process.

The webinar was presented on 9 November 2018 by Tony Peglas.